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  1. Behind The Glass Eye by DelaneyWillow

    Two lives. One body. Zero control. With multiple personalities and no memory of her alternate identity's actions, Anny Day is left chasing her own shadow.

    Anny's mental disorder flares under stress rendering the results horrifying. Within seconds, she turns from a depressed law enforcement agent to a vengeful serial killer.

    When the people closest to Anny suspiciously die, she wrathfully holds her adopted parents responsible. She swears to avenge her loved matter the costs.

    Her only chance of regaining sanity lies within the hands of one person. The glass-eyed man.

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    I always find it quite difficult to read books in the POV of a serial killer, or someone with a multiple personality, for the sole fact that it is notoriously difficult to get into someone who is possibly insane's mind, and really understand how they tick. A lot of author's just use it as an albeit good plot device.

    In this book, however  I think the author manages to pull it off. From my personal opinion, I think the author has done her research, or is just particularly good at getting into the mind of someone maddened by grief. I read this all the way through in one sitting; and not at one single point, did I feel my attention waver, or boredom setting in.

    It kept me interested from page one. It was a combination of the myriad action scenes and the beautiful way the sentences seemed to flow, fitting in with the next chapters perfectly. There was a point at the start, where the speech was a bit unrealistic, but towards the end of it (it's not finished), it got better and reads like a published book.

    I even found myself crying on some pages. Especially (and I won't give away spoilers), towards the end. A lot happens in this book, but I really think that the author manages to make it work. It is a fast paced, action packed piece of literature, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

    Book Rating: 9./10


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