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  1. Le Gais Paris - will24951 (Wattpad)

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    Le Gais Paris by will24951 (Wattpad)

    This is a story about three young adults, finding who they're in the filthy streets of Paris. Michael a naive, posh boy from England arrives in Paris seeking a good time with his equally posh friend Thomas. what he didn't bargain for was that he would be accosted by a damaged young girl named Evangeline after trying to enter the Moulin rouge. She warns him of the danger of debauchery, which she dragged herself out of and shows him the real wonders of Paris.

    He becomes infatuated by her, and she becomes infatuated by him, but both of them have their demons, which constantly eat away at them, but will it destroy their relationship or make it stronger?

    This story is very interesting in many respects. It is a historical fiction, set in the beautiful city of Paris, hence the title. It is both beautiful and realistic, and shocking in an effortless way, it just seems to roll of the page.

    The prose is beautiful and well done, yet it suffers no danger of being "Purple" , a shortcoming that a lot of authors struggle with. To be quite honest, I'm surprised that it doesn't have more reads and votes than it does, but it doesn't matter in the end, because it's such an effective and beautiful piece.

    It does have some sexual content, that would be unsuitable for some readers, but the author warns of these, and honestly, this isn't all the story is about, and I'm sure you can look past that and enjoy the book.

    Book Rating: 8/10


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