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  1. You by zoey_ross (Wattpad)

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    You by zoey_ross (Wattpad)

    Rose is delighted when her crush asks her out. Throughout their relationship everything seems to be going perfect, despite some rough spots. So when he dies, she decides to write it out - just how did she miss all the signs that could have saved his life?

    This is only a short book, but it is jam packed full of emotions that has you in tears by the end of every chapter. This is not a story with a happy ending, it is a story with an extremely tragic ending, and I think that's what makes it all the more realistic.

    The story is written as if to a letter to the protagnoists boyfriend, Nate, who we slowly find out suffers from depression. From the off, we know that he commits suicide, whether it's from the subtle hints dotted throughout the pages, or the prologue.

    All I can say, that it deals with a sensitive topic and is so desperately sad that it will leave you feeling raw inside with tears running down your face. For those of you who have ever suffered from depression, I think the writer really makes you identify with Nates character and his pain, but at the same time, you want so desperately for the protagonist to have her happy ending and for Nate to improve.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't happen, and this ending is one that is rather sad and tragic. I cried throughout this, the writing being so effective in portraying the emotions of the characters. It was full of regret that just felt so real. I will warn you it deals with the very real, and very sensitive subject of suicide, so I will warn you if you have ever been affected by this, or are prone to triggers then to read to caution.

    Other than that, it is a beautiful book, and I couldn't recommend it enough if you want to read something that will make you cry.

    Book Rating: 9/10


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