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  1. Behind The Scars by AutumnFireflyx


    “More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny.” - Anthony Robbins

    It is believed by many, that your decisions in life shape you, and not the "condition of your lives" but can you really make the decisions you want, in a world where some are treated so unfairly? When living in an abusive home do you really have the option of running away? Because surely, you will be found.
    Meet Faye Waters, A self-proclaimed pessimist - with reason.

     Living in countless abusive homes, she finally found one where she belonged, yet their lived an abusive foster Dad. Faye now lives in a care home, one where she actually belongs but schools a struggle with the countless bullying and physical abusive.

    So Faye does something that many would not even dream of doing, she goes to fight for her country, leaving her old life behind, the abuse, the torment and her well kept secrets, but Faye is about to be shocked with the amount of secrets she's about to find out. After all you have to meet some mean people in order to get to the good...

    "Distance does to love what wind does to fire; it extinguishes the weak and fuels the strong."

    The moment we start reading this book, it is heavy with sadness and tragedy, yet well written. We meet Faye Waters who has had a really hard life. From the horrors she witnessed in an abusive foster home, to the constant bullying she has to endure every day, you can really feel poor Faye's pain.

    Her pain is only increased as we learn of her suicide attempts and the extent of the bullying, which is awful and degrading. In this book, Faye makes a very brave decision and decides to fight for her country, instead of staying behind and dealing with all the problems that she will leave behind.

    This book is beautiful yet so heartbreaking that you just want to reach through the screen and give Faye a big hug. A lot happens to the young girl, but the author manages to make it seem real.

    The prose is simple yet effective and seems to blend well with the message of the story. I will warn you, it is not an easy, or lighthearted read. If you want something to make you cry or feel raw inside, then this book is the one for you. It is so beautifully written and can provoke a lot of emotions. I cried all the way through.

    Book rating: 8/10


  2. Chains, Charisma and Congress by SabrinaElouardi


    Everyone has a dirty little secret.

    As the United States of America begins to crumble into oblivion, Angelle Rhapsody, the daughter of the notorious senator; finds herself trapped in a blood-infested world of supernatural creatures and magical entrepreneurship. After an encounter with the enigmatic Felicity Schinller, Angelle has no choice but to switch lives with this girl with eyes of danger. But little does Angelle know that everyone in El Matador Beach, one of the most expensive zip-codes in the world, has motive. Stealing Angelle Rhapsody's identity was just the beginning of Felicity's Machiavellian plot.

    She was going to get even. She would make the guilty fall like petty dominoes. She would make the lives of her enemies far more excruciating than death. She was going to crucify those who wronged her father, who died with the reputation of a merciless terrorist, the most delicious prey on her radar being the Alpha Hawk Silvers and his Luna, Aphrodite of Queen Aisle's--a picturesque werewolf pack that bathed in riches, luxury, and a glittery reputation.

    Knowing that Schinller is out for blood, Angelle finds that the reason for this is deeply personal, and that the Luna and Alpha have ties to Felicity's family in the most obscure of ways. Unknowingly, Angelle finds herself in the midst of a fresh blood feud between many of her father's business associates and the followers; as well as the conspirators of Edmund Core and Aleksandr Schinller, shifters accused of doing the bidding of a group of lycanthropic terrorists. 

    Ultimately through this battle of good and evil, Felicity is left  with the choice of blood over revenge and love over selfishness as her mate and past   saunters into her plan of vengeance. But through the maze of lies and schemes, Felicity always remembers why she came back to the place of her nightmares.
    She came because this is not a story of forgiveness and absolution. This is Chains, Charisma, and Congress; the beginning of the end.

    This book is quite clearly fantasy from the paragraph. The author uses a broad vocabulary  yet without being boring or showoffish. The words seem to stitch together seamlessly  and the writing style is very mature. More for older readers than children.

    Now, I will be honest, this is not usually a book I'd read if I saw it in a shop, but that is not to say that I don't see the appeal. It is original, well written with beautiful prose without being classed a purple. You can see a target audience starting to emerge as the pages progress, and though it can be difficult to read, it is certainly enjoyable.

    Those of you who are fans of vampire/werewolf, books that seem realistic, then this is most certainly your cup of tea. The plot is one of revenge, and that is what makes it all the more interesting. You don't see many of this genre floating around, and to find one with that twist is quite refreshing.

    If you can get past the slow start, then I know you wouldn't regret it. It is both interesting and captivating, and I couldn't recommend it more!

    Book rating: 7/10


  3. Ladders-PancakeJune (Wattpad)


    Olivia Watson has always been afraid of change and trying something new. A new ice cream flavour or a new pair of shoes, she would never agree to that. Ever since her parents' divorce she's had a hard time coping with change, in fact when a change happens she cries, screams or she throws a tantrum.
    But when she meets Jack Benedict he helps her understand how to cope with the ever-changing world they live in. He helps her understand that even if you fall, you can climb up again. 

    She's always blocked off the possibility of change, but can Jack help change her life?

    This book is quite interesting and original. We meet OCD sufferer, Olivia Watson, who has had a big phobia of change ever since her parents divorce. In the one short chapter, you can really feel her pain, and understand where the fear comes from. Now at the moment, it's only one chapter, but already, you can see the plot unfolding.

    The writing style is simple yet effective, and the plot leaves a lot to be said. It keeps you on edge and wanting to read more, to see how Olivia will cope with the change of her best friends cousin working in her bookshop.

    It is not a completed work, but I recommend you read it! It's both real and original.

    Book Rating: 9/10

  4. The Shopkeeper by Olivieah

    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    The Shopkeeper by Olivieah


    "You are not his, you are mine!" Michael growled angrily while pushing me to the nearest wall gently. My body shivered in response.  My heart was beating out of my chest along with the speed of my pulse.  Falling in love with a mysterious, possessive, over protective and easily jealous guy wasn't going to be easy. Infact, being with the most sweetest, caring guy in the world wasn't going to be easy either. Living with him was a demand; being with him was by choice. I had fallen in love with him, I just hoped he wasn't like my ex...

    As soon I started reading this book, I was hooked. The writing style is mature, yet easy to get into, and the plot is intriguing. Things start to happen quite quickly, but in all honesty, I just think this is how the plot goes, it goes with that perfectly. Sometimes, fast paced is the best, and it certainly shows in this Wattpad novel. 

    Only the second chapter in, Lexi, the protagonist is taken in by Brooke, after escaping her abusive and controlling ex boyfriend. She is given a job and a place to stay, and things look to be looking up for the protagonist. 

    Though the book doesn't have a great deal of detail, it keeps your interest piqued, and somehow, with the book, it goes well. There are a few grammar mistakes, but they are easily overlooked, with the nice writing of the book! Small snippets of humour are injected without, and many times, I find a small smirk on my face.

    The plot is quite original, though I have seen plots like this before. To me, it doesn't seem cliche, and already, even before the book is halfway done, I can see the romance budding. Lexi is likeable, as is Brooke. The character seem to develop over the chapters, making for an easy read.

    Along with the snips of humour, other emotions are present during this book. You can really feel what the character is feeling and identify with them. Even if you've never been in her situation yourself. The book is quite popular on Wattpad, and I can see why. I would definitely recommend it to all book lovers!

    Book rating: 7/10


  5. Red Halo by AxisDreamer


    1479. There is a plague about...and I made one tinsy tiny mistake. I brought it home. But now I am trying to redeem that, I am trying to be a good guardian angel. It's taken some time but I think I am finally making up for my mistakes. That is until I make another one...

    This book is set in the past, around 1479, when the Great Plague would have been slowly starting to make its rounds. The book speaks of a young person, Kacey, who is affected by the disease and eventually succumbs to it. The writing style of the book suits the plot and the genre perfectly, you can see the author's voice shining through from Paragraph one, and it is as captivating, as it is illuminating.

    At this point, we find out that Kacey's soul has been chosen to train as a guardian angel, and understandably, he accepts it. Now throughout, this book is injected with humour, that actually makes you chuckle appreciatively. It's not like the author tries too hard, it just happens.

    To me, the book takes a serious topic, being the Black Death, and makes it witty and interesting. The plot itself is quite original, and very easy to read. The writer has an easy writing style that keeps readers interested, they don't waffle too much, but still manage to give details, enough to keep your mind occupied and your imagination running.

    Though, a few times, the author gets their tenses mixed up, it's few and far between, and the writing is of a high standard, definitely good enough to get published with a bit of tweaking.

    Not once, while reading this, did I find my interest levels drooping. I was kept wanting more from start to finish. It truly is a beautiful book and I couldn't recommend it enough! I'll provide the link below, so you can see for yourself. Honestly, you won't regret it!

    Book rating 9/10


  6. Rosie's Truth by Tessie2004


    Catherine Rose Rogers. For a year now, that name has been enough to scare a Royal into running in the opposite direction. The girl behind it, Rose, is about to lose everything she knows, but she's going to gain a whole hell of a lot more in the process... just so long as she can stay alive long enough to save the people she loves, stop a psychotic Phoenix from taking her for his own, and accept a long forgotten heritage.
    Book One of the Ashes of Dreams Trilogy

    Our story starts with a lone, cloaked figure wondering down a sidewalk (pavement for you fellow Brits!). Straight away, this instills a sense of mystery into the reader, and keeps them wanting to read more. Which, as any good reader/writer would know, is the mark of a good author. The book starts off with a few awkward sentences, but this is slowly rectified as the book progresses, the writing greatly improves, as does the plot!

    Now, straight away, I knew that the book was fantasy, and it wasn't because of the label on Wattpad. I could tell by the way the author writes, and by the summary. The summary itself is interesting and engaging, and is likely to tempt a person to want to open the book and start reading.

    The writing style is very mature, straight away, you can see the writer has talent, despite the mistakes, but considering that this is a first draft, then I can't blame him/her. Fantasy is not usually a genre that I read, being more interested in romance, horror and teenage fiction, but as soon as I saw this book, it piqued my interest.

    Though it starts a bit quickly, the book is interesting and captivating and a lovely little read. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I just had to type out this review. If you haven't already done so, then you should go check it out. It's amazing! The link is below!

    I rate it 7/10


  7. Mr CEO by Fabulous Doll

    After catching her boyfriend of seven years in her bed with another woman, Annabelle has to start a new chapter again. This includes moving into a new home, getting a new image, losing weight and most of all getting a new job.

    Getting stuck in the elevator with a smoking, hot guy wasn't the plan and neither was wearing a low cut top but now she's landed herself in trouble when she realises that, the smoking, hot guy just happens to be the one who's interviewing her.

    "What do you have that no one else has, Miss Mavers?" He asks, huskily.

    "I'm dedicated and loyal," I replied shyly.

    "I think you have a lot more to offer than that," He stand up out of his chair and walks around the desk, lifting me up onto it.

     "Beautiful," his lips were on mine in an instant.

    What have I got myself in for?

    This book is written by Kieran Gump, AKA FabulousDoll on the book site, Wattpad. This piece of work has gotten crazy popular over the months, and to be honest, I can see why! The story starts out with the protagonist Annabelle being fired from her job by her mean and selfish boss, Ms Callahan. She then goes home to find her boyfriend of seven years cheating on her with as she puts it "some STI slut"

    As the chapters progress, we read on as she applies for job after job, and is turned down. You can really imagine the protagonists pain and identify with her. She has just been cheated on, and has lost her job, and I think Kieran shows this beautifully, as shows with his over 300,000 collective reads on this book alone!

    As the book progresses, we begin to see a bit more of Anna's background and her friendship with Casey, her best friend since childhood. I like how Kieran manages to inject a hint of humour, tangled with the romantic tone that the book holds, and at times, dare I say it? Sad.

    Though the book has a few mistakes, it is made up for in his writing ability, and his ability to capture an audience. I can easily imagine it sitting on bookshelves one day. I will warn you, it does contain some mature content, that is not suitable for younger readers, other than that. It really is a fantastic book, and if you like this sort of thing, then I'd highly recommend you check it out!

    The link is below!

    I give this book a rating of 8/10.