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  1. Livid Shift by DarlingNikky (Wattpad)

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    Livid Shift by DarlingNikky


    One obsession can change your life forever- well in Simon Danforth's case, one obsession and a handful of lies.

    Now a high school junior and part-time amateur investigative journalist, Simon tries to forget the horrors he endured two years ago. The disappearance -or 'move' as everyone calls it- of Kye Lamia the love of his young life. And several horrible mistakes he made as a boy who discovered he had the power to transport and travel back in time. A boy who wanted to be a superhero. But fate never intended for Simon to forget.

    Learning that Kye was involved in a local drug ring, a drug ring still ran by his high school principal, Simon decides to go after the biggest lead of his life and find out once and for all what happened to the girl that got away. After his story about the principal is released, Simon becomes a local hero. He even meets a girl that could make him forget about Kye, well a little bit. But something a prostitute tells him about Kye makes him believe someone made her disappear.

     His investigative instincts flare, so he digs deeper. But before that happens, he has to figure out how to stop the harassment of the remaining drug dealers. Impress the peculiar girl with secrets of her own. And not lose his mind in the process. The not losing his mind part would be easy if his power, 'shifting' as he calls it, didn't induce debilitating nightmares. Nightmares of his past.

    A past that now wants him dead.

    So Livid Shift is the first ever novel that this author has attempted to write, and honestly, from the quality of the writing, I am surprised. I certainly couldn't write a novel like that, in fact, the first novel I wrote (fanfiction) wasn't as half as well written as this author's work is.

    It is written in present tense and first person, which just seems to fit in so well with the plot and storyline. You can tell that the writer has put a lot of effort into his/her story and it shows.

    The first chapter starts off with the protagonist following his principal, whom he believes to be a drug dealer, and he is hoping to uncover him and write a newspaper article about it. Straight away, you realise that this is not going the same way as other books of this genre. How many books can you honestly say you've read that the principal is a drug dealer? Honestly, now?

    I'll be honest here, and say that I thought I wouldn't enjoy this book. I usually stay well away from this genre, but upon reading this, I was pleasantly surprised. It managed to keep me on the edge of my seat and wanting to read more the whole way through.

    Disregarding the minor grammar mistakes, this book is well written and most definitely publish worthy. If you like this genre, and even if you don't, then I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

    Book Rating: 8/10


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