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  1. Fading Stars by youthfulwriter (Wattpad)

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    Fading Stars by youthfulwriter (Wattpad)

    When a drunken beggar opens up a new world of opportunities to Luke, he is thrust into a journey of elephantine consequence.

    Spurred on by a bunch of grouchy gnomes and an omen in the form of disappearing stars, Luke must decide between what he wants or the hopes and dreams of a mysterious girl he meets along the way.
    What happens when two ancient worlds threaten to collide, sending opposing civilisations into oblivion?

    The answer is in the stars.

    This is an interesting piece of work, drooping heavily in fantasy and adventure. The title, summary and even the book cover draw you in straight away. I don't know if the author intended it or not, but the first chapter shocks you so much that you have to read on to see if similar things happen, and indeed, if the other chapters are as packed with action as this one.

    It is well written and original, with few mistakes, though I found myself not really focussing on those as the story wore on. Not being an avid fantasy reader, I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed the easy to read piece of Wattpad literature. 

    The writing is simple with little detail that seems to work, there is just enough detail to get a picture, and then the imagination takes over. I like how it is set in normal times, and not in a fantasy guild, reminding me forcibly of popular series such as Harry Potter, and though I loathe to admit it, Twilight.

    And though this book is completely different from Harry Potter, and Twilight, it is still a well written, modern day fantasy, and if you're into this type of stuff then I cannot recommend it enough.

    Book rating: 9/10


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