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  1. Time and Place by elementalcobalt (Wattpad)

    At the right time and in the right place, one man can change the universe.  When an unknown force changes his fate, Darian finds himself in the distant future, trying to cope with a universe he doesn't understand. Stuck among a space faring civilization on the brink of rebellion, Darian must work to protect those he cares about, and avenge those he lost. Follow through this science fiction fantasy adventure as Darian faces worlds he does not recognize, a past he cannot remember, and powers he cannot control.

    Straight away, just from the title and summary, we know that this is science fiction, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. An interesting combination, but nonetheless it seems to work. The writing itself is beautiful and effective, it really makes an impact on the reader, even if they don't necessarily read that genre that often.

    Things happen quite quickly, but then again, it does start with the prologue, where straight away, you are thrown into the story, into the midst of the storyline. Now, not being a fan of science fiction, I will admit that I was more than sceptical about reading this. I thought it would be boring, and full of long, sciency words, but I was very wrong.

    Though written like a science fiction book should be, it is far from boring. The sentences flow well, and mingle together into the storyline quite well. It is well planned and thought out, with no unnecessary chapters.

    Now I will admit, it can be hard to read if you don't like this genre, but if you persevere, then I'm sure you'll get into it and enjoy it immensely like I did. It is both well written and quite original if I do say so. Though I can't really say, having not read a lot in this genre.

    Book rating: 8/10


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