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  1. Behind The Glass Eye by DelaneyWillow

    Two lives. One body. Zero control. With multiple personalities and no memory of her alternate identity's actions, Anny Day is left chasing her own shadow.

    Anny's mental disorder flares under stress rendering the results horrifying. Within seconds, she turns from a depressed law enforcement agent to a vengeful serial killer.

    When the people closest to Anny suspiciously die, she wrathfully holds her adopted parents responsible. She swears to avenge her loved matter the costs.

    Her only chance of regaining sanity lies within the hands of one person. The glass-eyed man.

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    I always find it quite difficult to read books in the POV of a serial killer, or someone with a multiple personality, for the sole fact that it is notoriously difficult to get into someone who is possibly insane's mind, and really understand how they tick. A lot of author's just use it as an albeit good plot device.

    In this book, however  I think the author manages to pull it off. From my personal opinion, I think the author has done her research, or is just particularly good at getting into the mind of someone maddened by grief. I read this all the way through in one sitting; and not at one single point, did I feel my attention waver, or boredom setting in.

    It kept me interested from page one. It was a combination of the myriad action scenes and the beautiful way the sentences seemed to flow, fitting in with the next chapters perfectly. There was a point at the start, where the speech was a bit unrealistic, but towards the end of it (it's not finished), it got better and reads like a published book.

    I even found myself crying on some pages. Especially (and I won't give away spoilers), towards the end. A lot happens in this book, but I really think that the author manages to make it work. It is a fast paced, action packed piece of literature, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

    Book Rating: 9./10


  2. Fading Stars by youthfulwriter (Wattpad)

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    Fading Stars by youthfulwriter (Wattpad)

    When a drunken beggar opens up a new world of opportunities to Luke, he is thrust into a journey of elephantine consequence.

    Spurred on by a bunch of grouchy gnomes and an omen in the form of disappearing stars, Luke must decide between what he wants or the hopes and dreams of a mysterious girl he meets along the way.
    What happens when two ancient worlds threaten to collide, sending opposing civilisations into oblivion?

    The answer is in the stars.

    This is an interesting piece of work, drooping heavily in fantasy and adventure. The title, summary and even the book cover draw you in straight away. I don't know if the author intended it or not, but the first chapter shocks you so much that you have to read on to see if similar things happen, and indeed, if the other chapters are as packed with action as this one.

    It is well written and original, with few mistakes, though I found myself not really focussing on those as the story wore on. Not being an avid fantasy reader, I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed the easy to read piece of Wattpad literature. 

    The writing is simple with little detail that seems to work, there is just enough detail to get a picture, and then the imagination takes over. I like how it is set in normal times, and not in a fantasy guild, reminding me forcibly of popular series such as Harry Potter, and though I loathe to admit it, Twilight.

    And though this book is completely different from Harry Potter, and Twilight, it is still a well written, modern day fantasy, and if you're into this type of stuff then I cannot recommend it enough.

    Book rating: 9/10


  3. You by zoey_ross (Wattpad)

    Rose is delighted when her crush asks her out. Throughout their relationship everything seems to be going perfect, despite some rough spots. So when he dies, she decides to write it out - just how did she miss all the signs that could have saved his life?

    This is only a short book, but it is jam packed full of emotions that has you in tears by the end of every chapter. This is not a story with a happy ending, it is a story with an extremely tragic ending, and I think that's what makes it all the more realistic.

    The story is written as if to a letter to the protagnoists boyfriend, Nate, who we slowly find out suffers from depression. From the off, we know that he commits suicide, whether it's from the subtle hints dotted throughout the pages, or the prologue.

    All I can say, that it deals with a sensitive topic and is so desperately sad that it will leave you feeling raw inside with tears running down your face. For those of you who have ever suffered from depression, I think the writer really makes you identify with Nates character and his pain, but at the same time, you want so desperately for the protagonist to have her happy ending and for Nate to improve.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't happen, and this ending is one that is rather sad and tragic. I cried throughout this, the writing being so effective in portraying the emotions of the characters. It was full of regret that just felt so real. I will warn you it deals with the very real, and very sensitive subject of suicide, so I will warn you if you have ever been affected by this, or are prone to triggers then to read to caution.

    Other than that, it is a beautiful book, and I couldn't recommend it enough if you want to read something that will make you cry.

    Book Rating: 9/10


  4. Athena's descendants and the Jewel of Barthimia by callumespleyclegg (Wattpad)

    After two tiresome years of searching, the twelve ring bearers are finally united.  When Jay Perry joins the group, the Gods talk of a quest which they must undertake. Five must fight their way around the globe to find the powerful jewel of Barthimia, sending all mythical encounters back to Hades, back to the dreaded underworld. What might they find? Will they even return? Will Athena's descendants continue to fill their destiny as protectors of Olympus?

    Find out in this gripping novel, the start of a thrilling series following the twelve ring bearers on their nail biting quests. The prophecy has begun. The reign of the ancient gods is coming to an end. Only twelve talented youths may take their place. These youths are Athenas Descendants.

    I'll start off this review by mentioning the fact that this is now a published book, and available on Amazon and Waterstones. It bases heavily around Greek Mythology, a subject that interests even the more sceptical of us, though we seldom care to admit it.

    Straight from the summary, I was hooked, being a huge fan of fantasy greats such as Harry Potter, I was quite excited to read the newest published thing in fantasy. I wasn't disappointed.

    Nowadays, it is notoriously hard to write an original fantasy story, most of the plot lines having been used before somewhere along the line. The author manages it, and transforms it into a well written and interesting fantasy tale.

    I think it goes without saying, but a good fantasy book should hook the reader from the very first word, and I will admit, this book did it for me. Something a lot of fantasy books fail to do.

    The books straight away punts you into an action scene, and though this is often hard to do, the writer pulls it off with little effort. I found myself literally on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and when I finally reached the end, I immediately wanted to read the next in the series, much like I was when I was with Harry Potter.

    Now this is the unedited version, so I daresay that the edited and published version will be even better. I will be definitely searching for this beauty in my Kindle library.

    Book rating: 9/10


  5. Time and Place by elementalcobalt (Wattpad)

    At the right time and in the right place, one man can change the universe.  When an unknown force changes his fate, Darian finds himself in the distant future, trying to cope with a universe he doesn't understand. Stuck among a space faring civilization on the brink of rebellion, Darian must work to protect those he cares about, and avenge those he lost. Follow through this science fiction fantasy adventure as Darian faces worlds he does not recognize, a past he cannot remember, and powers he cannot control.

    Straight away, just from the title and summary, we know that this is science fiction, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. An interesting combination, but nonetheless it seems to work. The writing itself is beautiful and effective, it really makes an impact on the reader, even if they don't necessarily read that genre that often.

    Things happen quite quickly, but then again, it does start with the prologue, where straight away, you are thrown into the story, into the midst of the storyline. Now, not being a fan of science fiction, I will admit that I was more than sceptical about reading this. I thought it would be boring, and full of long, sciency words, but I was very wrong.

    Though written like a science fiction book should be, it is far from boring. The sentences flow well, and mingle together into the storyline quite well. It is well planned and thought out, with no unnecessary chapters.

    Now I will admit, it can be hard to read if you don't like this genre, but if you persevere, then I'm sure you'll get into it and enjoy it immensely like I did. It is both well written and quite original if I do say so. Though I can't really say, having not read a lot in this genre.

    Book rating: 8/10


  6. Le Gais Paris by will24951 (Wattpad)

    This is a story about three young adults, finding who they're in the filthy streets of Paris. Michael a naive, posh boy from England arrives in Paris seeking a good time with his equally posh friend Thomas. what he didn't bargain for was that he would be accosted by a damaged young girl named Evangeline after trying to enter the Moulin rouge. She warns him of the danger of debauchery, which she dragged herself out of and shows him the real wonders of Paris.

    He becomes infatuated by her, and she becomes infatuated by him, but both of them have their demons, which constantly eat away at them, but will it destroy their relationship or make it stronger?

    This story is very interesting in many respects. It is a historical fiction, set in the beautiful city of Paris, hence the title. It is both beautiful and realistic, and shocking in an effortless way, it just seems to roll of the page.

    The prose is beautiful and well done, yet it suffers no danger of being "Purple" , a shortcoming that a lot of authors struggle with. To be quite honest, I'm surprised that it doesn't have more reads and votes than it does, but it doesn't matter in the end, because it's such an effective and beautiful piece.

    It does have some sexual content, that would be unsuitable for some readers, but the author warns of these, and honestly, this isn't all the story is about, and I'm sure you can look past that and enjoy the book.

    Book Rating: 8/10


  7. Livid Shift by DarlingNikky


    One obsession can change your life forever- well in Simon Danforth's case, one obsession and a handful of lies.

    Now a high school junior and part-time amateur investigative journalist, Simon tries to forget the horrors he endured two years ago. The disappearance -or 'move' as everyone calls it- of Kye Lamia the love of his young life. And several horrible mistakes he made as a boy who discovered he had the power to transport and travel back in time. A boy who wanted to be a superhero. But fate never intended for Simon to forget.

    Learning that Kye was involved in a local drug ring, a drug ring still ran by his high school principal, Simon decides to go after the biggest lead of his life and find out once and for all what happened to the girl that got away. After his story about the principal is released, Simon becomes a local hero. He even meets a girl that could make him forget about Kye, well a little bit. But something a prostitute tells him about Kye makes him believe someone made her disappear.

     His investigative instincts flare, so he digs deeper. But before that happens, he has to figure out how to stop the harassment of the remaining drug dealers. Impress the peculiar girl with secrets of her own. And not lose his mind in the process. The not losing his mind part would be easy if his power, 'shifting' as he calls it, didn't induce debilitating nightmares. Nightmares of his past.

    A past that now wants him dead.

    So Livid Shift is the first ever novel that this author has attempted to write, and honestly, from the quality of the writing, I am surprised. I certainly couldn't write a novel like that, in fact, the first novel I wrote (fanfiction) wasn't as half as well written as this author's work is.

    It is written in present tense and first person, which just seems to fit in so well with the plot and storyline. You can tell that the writer has put a lot of effort into his/her story and it shows.

    The first chapter starts off with the protagonist following his principal, whom he believes to be a drug dealer, and he is hoping to uncover him and write a newspaper article about it. Straight away, you realise that this is not going the same way as other books of this genre. How many books can you honestly say you've read that the principal is a drug dealer? Honestly, now?

    I'll be honest here, and say that I thought I wouldn't enjoy this book. I usually stay well away from this genre, but upon reading this, I was pleasantly surprised. It managed to keep me on the edge of my seat and wanting to read more the whole way through.

    Disregarding the minor grammar mistakes, this book is well written and most definitely publish worthy. If you like this genre, and even if you don't, then I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

    Book Rating: 8/10