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  1. Everlasting Life by AlyssaVienesseTan

    Sunday, 15 December 2013

    Everlasting Life by AlyssaVienesseTan

    Summary:  "You don't know what you've started," Avellana snarled, holding the man in a tight grip. "Or do you know what you've done?"

    "Oh, I know what I've started, girl." The man smirked, grabbing the stone out of his pocket. The stone was beautiful, it reflected the light, turning the stone into different shades of blue.

    He threw the stone in a valley of depths with a victorious smirk on his face. "I've started a war."

    *** Trouble is rising in the Potestatem Clan: deaths are pursued, sides are taken, quests are received, and a war will ensue. Avellana Rivers isn't ready for the problems that will be coming her way; she never thought that life as the clan leader would be so difficult.

    Now, a missing item must be returned to its rightful place, a vampire will rise from its sleep, and a mystery needs to be solved. Will Avellana Rivers discover the clues and secrets coming her way? Or will she fail?

    When I first started reading this, I was highly sceptical about it. Considering it was vampire, and that is usually a genre I steer well clear off, I expected to hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that I didn't hate it. I was hooked straight from the first page, even the summary - to me - was enticing and interesting.

    The book actually starts with the death of a vampire (Literally, that's how it starts). The book depicts extreme attention to detail and does something that many books fail to do, it humanises vampires, giving them fears and emotions, which is quite an interesting take on vampires. The book starts off pretty quickly but doesn't give away too much information about the plot itself, a feat that many autours fall short off.

    There are a few awkward sentences and grammar mistakes in some places. But it is a well written and engaging piece and I couldn't congratulate the author enough for writing such a good story.

    Rating: 7/10

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