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  1. Camilla by ZoeCopeman

    Sunday, 15 December 2013

    Camilla by ZoeCopeman (Wattpad)

    Camilla Waters has fought knights, tricked trolls, and saved dragons, well in her head at least, but she never once thought she would be doing it in reality. All Camilla knows is a dull suburban life with her parents she barely sees and her neighbor, ok, somewhat best friend Josh.

    Cam is just your run-of-the-mill 10-year-old with an unhealthy thirst for adventure. But all that changes when the crack in her living room wall starts to expand and out pops a strange old elf with a habit of cursing after every word she says.

    Without much regard for her safety, Cam jumps into a magical world she hoped to see in her dreams. There she must face not only her fears, but also her past as a great destiny unfolds before her…of course, that is if she can survive the Darkness that is brewing underneath. 

    Okay, so this book is aimed at a younger audience. But I found myself enjoying it immensely. The characters are well developed and the plot is quite funny and original. The whole fantasy aspect of this book, appeals greatly to me, being a huge fan of Harry Potter. Now this is different from Harry Potter, but just as good in my opinion. It takes all mythical beings such as elves, trolls, dragons and faeries and places them seamlessly into the plot.

    The book starts off with an elf, who has sent to sit an old cupboard for all of eternity, to look through a crack, though he doesn't know what. As I got through this book, I found myself really sinking into the plot. Even though it is for younger readers, it is a book that can be read by anyone. I could actually imagine families gathering round to read it, even the adults hanging on to see what happens next. It is witty, engaging and uses the right language for the authors target audience. I could easily see this book on shelves one day.

    I couldn't recommend it highly enough!

    Rating: 8/10

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