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  1. The Shopkeeper by Olivieah

    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    The Shopkeeper by Olivieah


    "You are not his, you are mine!" Michael growled angrily while pushing me to the nearest wall gently. My body shivered in response.  My heart was beating out of my chest along with the speed of my pulse.  Falling in love with a mysterious, possessive, over protective and easily jealous guy wasn't going to be easy. Infact, being with the most sweetest, caring guy in the world wasn't going to be easy either. Living with him was a demand; being with him was by choice. I had fallen in love with him, I just hoped he wasn't like my ex...

    As soon I started reading this book, I was hooked. The writing style is mature, yet easy to get into, and the plot is intriguing. Things start to happen quite quickly, but in all honesty, I just think this is how the plot goes, it goes with that perfectly. Sometimes, fast paced is the best, and it certainly shows in this Wattpad novel. 

    Only the second chapter in, Lexi, the protagonist is taken in by Brooke, after escaping her abusive and controlling ex boyfriend. She is given a job and a place to stay, and things look to be looking up for the protagonist. 

    Though the book doesn't have a great deal of detail, it keeps your interest piqued, and somehow, with the book, it goes well. There are a few grammar mistakes, but they are easily overlooked, with the nice writing of the book! Small snippets of humour are injected without, and many times, I find a small smirk on my face.

    The plot is quite original, though I have seen plots like this before. To me, it doesn't seem cliche, and already, even before the book is halfway done, I can see the romance budding. Lexi is likeable, as is Brooke. The character seem to develop over the chapters, making for an easy read.

    Along with the snips of humour, other emotions are present during this book. You can really feel what the character is feeling and identify with them. Even if you've never been in her situation yourself. The book is quite popular on Wattpad, and I can see why. I would definitely recommend it to all book lovers!

    Book rating: 7/10


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