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    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    Mr CEO by Fabulous Doll

    After catching her boyfriend of seven years in her bed with another woman, Annabelle has to start a new chapter again. This includes moving into a new home, getting a new image, losing weight and most of all getting a new job.

    Getting stuck in the elevator with a smoking, hot guy wasn't the plan and neither was wearing a low cut top but now she's landed herself in trouble when she realises that, the smoking, hot guy just happens to be the one who's interviewing her.

    "What do you have that no one else has, Miss Mavers?" He asks, huskily.

    "I'm dedicated and loyal," I replied shyly.

    "I think you have a lot more to offer than that," He stand up out of his chair and walks around the desk, lifting me up onto it.

     "Beautiful," his lips were on mine in an instant.

    What have I got myself in for?

    This book is written by Kieran Gump, AKA FabulousDoll on the book site, Wattpad. This piece of work has gotten crazy popular over the months, and to be honest, I can see why! The story starts out with the protagonist Annabelle being fired from her job by her mean and selfish boss, Ms Callahan. She then goes home to find her boyfriend of seven years cheating on her with as she puts it "some STI slut"

    As the chapters progress, we read on as she applies for job after job, and is turned down. You can really imagine the protagonists pain and identify with her. She has just been cheated on, and has lost her job, and I think Kieran shows this beautifully, as shows with his over 300,000 collective reads on this book alone!

    As the book progresses, we begin to see a bit more of Anna's background and her friendship with Casey, her best friend since childhood. I like how Kieran manages to inject a hint of humour, tangled with the romantic tone that the book holds, and at times, dare I say it? Sad.

    Though the book has a few mistakes, it is made up for in his writing ability, and his ability to capture an audience. I can easily imagine it sitting on bookshelves one day. I will warn you, it does contain some mature content, that is not suitable for younger readers, other than that. It really is a fantastic book, and if you like this sort of thing, then I'd highly recommend you check it out!

    The link is below!

    I give this book a rating of 8/10.


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