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  1. Ladders by PancakeJune

    Tuesday, 27 August 2013

    Ladders-PancakeJune (Wattpad)


    Olivia Watson has always been afraid of change and trying something new. A new ice cream flavour or a new pair of shoes, she would never agree to that. Ever since her parents' divorce she's had a hard time coping with change, in fact when a change happens she cries, screams or she throws a tantrum.
    But when she meets Jack Benedict he helps her understand how to cope with the ever-changing world they live in. He helps her understand that even if you fall, you can climb up again. 

    She's always blocked off the possibility of change, but can Jack help change her life?

    This book is quite interesting and original. We meet OCD sufferer, Olivia Watson, who has had a big phobia of change ever since her parents divorce. In the one short chapter, you can really feel her pain, and understand where the fear comes from. Now at the moment, it's only one chapter, but already, you can see the plot unfolding.

    The writing style is simple yet effective, and the plot leaves a lot to be said. It keeps you on edge and wanting to read more, to see how Olivia will cope with the change of her best friends cousin working in her bookshop.

    It is not a completed work, but I recommend you read it! It's both real and original.

    Book Rating: 9/10

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