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  1. Chains, Charisma and Congress by SabrinaElouardi


    Everyone has a dirty little secret.

    As the United States of America begins to crumble into oblivion, Angelle Rhapsody, the daughter of the notorious senator; finds herself trapped in a blood-infested world of supernatural creatures and magical entrepreneurship. After an encounter with the enigmatic Felicity Schinller, Angelle has no choice but to switch lives with this girl with eyes of danger. But little does Angelle know that everyone in El Matador Beach, one of the most expensive zip-codes in the world, has motive. Stealing Angelle Rhapsody's identity was just the beginning of Felicity's Machiavellian plot.

    She was going to get even. She would make the guilty fall like petty dominoes. She would make the lives of her enemies far more excruciating than death. She was going to crucify those who wronged her father, who died with the reputation of a merciless terrorist, the most delicious prey on her radar being the Alpha Hawk Silvers and his Luna, Aphrodite of Queen Aisle's--a picturesque werewolf pack that bathed in riches, luxury, and a glittery reputation.

    Knowing that Schinller is out for blood, Angelle finds that the reason for this is deeply personal, and that the Luna and Alpha have ties to Felicity's family in the most obscure of ways. Unknowingly, Angelle finds herself in the midst of a fresh blood feud between many of her father's business associates and the followers; as well as the conspirators of Edmund Core and Aleksandr Schinller, shifters accused of doing the bidding of a group of lycanthropic terrorists. 

    Ultimately through this battle of good and evil, Felicity is left  with the choice of blood over revenge and love over selfishness as her mate and past   saunters into her plan of vengeance. But through the maze of lies and schemes, Felicity always remembers why she came back to the place of her nightmares.
    She came because this is not a story of forgiveness and absolution. This is Chains, Charisma, and Congress; the beginning of the end.

    This book is quite clearly fantasy from the paragraph. The author uses a broad vocabulary  yet without being boring or showoffish. The words seem to stitch together seamlessly  and the writing style is very mature. More for older readers than children.

    Now, I will be honest, this is not usually a book I'd read if I saw it in a shop, but that is not to say that I don't see the appeal. It is original, well written with beautiful prose without being classed a purple. You can see a target audience starting to emerge as the pages progress, and though it can be difficult to read, it is certainly enjoyable.

    Those of you who are fans of vampire/werewolf, books that seem realistic, then this is most certainly your cup of tea. The plot is one of revenge, and that is what makes it all the more interesting. You don't see many of this genre floating around, and to find one with that twist is quite refreshing.

    If you can get past the slow start, then I know you wouldn't regret it. It is both interesting and captivating, and I couldn't recommend it more!

    Book rating: 7/10


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