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  1. Red Halo by Axis

    Tuesday, 20 August 2013

    Red Halo by AxisDreamer


    1479. There is a plague about...and I made one tinsy tiny mistake. I brought it home. But now I am trying to redeem that, I am trying to be a good guardian angel. It's taken some time but I think I am finally making up for my mistakes. That is until I make another one...

    This book is set in the past, around 1479, when the Great Plague would have been slowly starting to make its rounds. The book speaks of a young person, Kacey, who is affected by the disease and eventually succumbs to it. The writing style of the book suits the plot and the genre perfectly, you can see the author's voice shining through from Paragraph one, and it is as captivating, as it is illuminating.

    At this point, we find out that Kacey's soul has been chosen to train as a guardian angel, and understandably, he accepts it. Now throughout, this book is injected with humour, that actually makes you chuckle appreciatively. It's not like the author tries too hard, it just happens.

    To me, the book takes a serious topic, being the Black Death, and makes it witty and interesting. The plot itself is quite original, and very easy to read. The writer has an easy writing style that keeps readers interested, they don't waffle too much, but still manage to give details, enough to keep your mind occupied and your imagination running.

    Though, a few times, the author gets their tenses mixed up, it's few and far between, and the writing is of a high standard, definitely good enough to get published with a bit of tweaking.

    Not once, while reading this, did I find my interest levels drooping. I was kept wanting more from start to finish. It truly is a beautiful book and I couldn't recommend it enough! I'll provide the link below, so you can see for yourself. Honestly, you won't regret it!

    Book rating 9/10


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