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  1. There's nothing better than free books, right? Right. So to be in with a chance to win, why don't you go on ahead and enter? You can find Rachel's Channel here: She is giving away 80 books, that's right, 80, that's 40 books each for two winners! plus other awesome stuff. There are also 70 authors who are getting in on this.

    Honestly. You want to get in on this, it is a 250 book giveaway. Not to mention the fact that you can win other stuff such as T-shirts and mousepads. Also head on over to for further details. The giveaway ends 13th May, so get in there before it's too late! She will also be giving 40 books each to two lucky winners.

    You do have to sign up for a rafflecopter, but as has been mentioned, they don't spam you, and it's the only way you can enter.

    Rafflecopter is posted below. Check out all links for further information.

    RayKayBooks (Youtube):
    Krystal's Blog: 


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