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  1. Get Noticed with Bloglovin'

    Monday, 14 April 2014

    So I recently came across the most amazing discovery: Bloglovin'. For those of you who are not aware, Bloglovin' is a genius way to follow all of your favourite blogs without having to individually type their search addresses each time you want to check their address. Instead, if they have the button installed, you can follow them through Bloglovin' and gain notifications every time an update is posted.

    It's also a genius way for bloggers to start out and build up a readership. I only recently discovered it after searching for ways to get my Blog noticed. And what pops up; but Bloglovin'? It can show you the traffic and follower stats for your blog, in a weekly and monthly breakdown. This is the must have website for anyone who wants to get noticed in the Blogging World.

    Don't allow my rambling to deter you. Why don't you go check it out yourself? Even if you're not a blogger yourself, you can still gain something out of this (free) service!


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