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  1. If - like me - you have many people in your life who love to read. Who spend their time curled up with a good book and often eschew social events in favour of their favourite literary hero, then you might spend many hours, despairing over what gifts to buy for your bookish friends. But never fear! I have compiled a list of gift ideas at reasonable prices that are perfect for the book lover in your life.

    Books to Check Out Reading Journal

    This is the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. If they have a TBR (to be read) list as long as their arms, this book will have them squealing in delight. Quite literally in most cases. It contains books to read and favourite extracts from books to keep the bibliophile in your life extremely happy.

    Personalised Bookaholic Mug

    What's better for a book lover than receiving book related stuff? Receiving book related stuff with their names on it of course! These cute little mugs are sure to delight your loved one. And you may find them clutching this very mug as they sob over the latest novel.

    Magnetic Poetry

    If we're not reading, we're engaged in literary type activities. (In my case this isn't even an exaggeration). Put a smile on someone's face with this magnetic poetry set, inspired from the beautiful words of one William Shakespeare.

    Classic Book Cover for Kindle

    A lot of us have moved with the times and snapped up one of these amazing pieces of technology. to be able to hold a world of books in our pockets without receiving muscle strain is fantastic indeed. So what better way to protect our E-reader with these snazzy little cases. One things for sure, this is one thing I will be hinting at by the time my birthday rolls around!

    Leather Book Cufflinks

    Allow your book lover to make a bold statement with these beautiful book cufflinks. They are sure to be the envy of their fellow bibliophiles as they proudly parade them. Honestly, if I had a man in my life  (and he would love books as much as I, trust me), I would buy him these in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even need an excuse.

    Gift Cards for any book retailer

    A lot of the time. If I have any spare money, I will use it to expand my collection of books. Nothing is better in my opinion than receiving a pre-loaded card in order to buy cards without losing money. If you think that this is a naff gift, think again. They will be sure to be ecstatic at getting to choose their own books without worrying of the financial repercussions. This site seems like a place to start if you're stuck.

    Classic Book Posters

    Not only are they stylish, but they are also undeniably book-savvy. Spice up your friends home with these beautiful replicas of old book covers.  The Literary Gift Company is the best place to find these posters.

    Classic Book Cover T-shirts

    Your book savvy friends will be sure to make a statement with these t-shirts and jumpers dedicated to our favourite classics. Can be found on OutofPrint

    Leaf Sticky Notes

    Nothing is more frustrating than losing a page or forgetting the presence of your favourite passage. So these leaf shaped sticky notes are sure to go down a treat. Can be found on The Literary Gift Company. (I'm beginning to sense a pattern here!)

    Finger Bookmarks

    These cute little bookmarks are a necessity for any reader. It is wholeheartedly frustrating when you fall asleep halfway through reading a book. So how do you counter this? By marking your exact position of course! This is literally the most perfect gift ever! Can be found on Amazon.

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